Affordable Individual and Family Health Insurance

Affordable Individual and Family Health Insurance

Unless you get your health insurance through an employer, an Individual and Family health insurance plan is your standard private market option.

Though your choice of health care plans will differ from state to state, there’s a great deal of variety in the Individual and Family market and you may be surprised by the affordable options available.

These plans typically provide bothpreventive and emergency care coverage for families and individuals and generally fall into two main categories: indemnity plans, or managed-care plans.

The breadth of access to healthcare that they provide largely differentiates these.

With an indemnity plan (also known as a “traditional” health plan) you are free to visit whatever doctors you like, and referrals are often not required.

Managed-care plans, which include HMOs, PPO and POS plans, typically encourage or require you to use a select group of healthcare providers. You may also be required to choose a primary care physician and obtain referrals in order to see specialists.

Broadly speaking, managed-care plans tend to be less expensive than indemnity plans, whereas indemnity plans provide more freedom in choosing your healthcare providers.

You can find free individual and family health insurance quotes online. A number of services allow you to do a side-by-side comparison of health insurance plans, enabling you to set your limits and deductibles and choose the one that truly fits your needs and budget.

When choosing individual and family health insurance plan, make sure you review the details carefully, and find out if you will need additional benefits (such as life, maternity rider, dental).

Once you find the individual and family insurance plan that is right for you, you may easily apply online. Be sure to review the policy as soon as you receive the plan.

Most policies offer a “free look” period, from 10 – 30 days, when you can literally “test drive” the insurance coverage. If it is not what you want, you can return the policy and request for a refund.

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