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Health Insurance CA Guide

Health Insurance CA Guide will help you find affordable, low cost health insurance in California that meets your needs and budget.

If you are uninsured and are looking for affordable health insurance in California, don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone, and we’re here to help you.

Affordable Health Insurance in California

Did you know that more than 6.5 million Californians lack health insurance?

If you’re looking for health insurance in California for whatever reason – whether you’re waiting for your employer-sponsored health insurance, self employed, running a small business, between jobs, pregnant, senior or retiring – this guide will help you find affordable health care options.

We’ve also provided you with a resource section and directory that points to various government agencies in California that can assist you with your specific needs.

Health Insurance CA: Your Options

Know the various private and publich health care options available to you, where you can get affordable or low cost heatlh insurance depending on your situation. Each link opens up a new browser window.

Self Employed Health Insurance – for solo entrepreneurs.
Small Business Health Insurance – for small businesses with 2 to 50 employees.
Health Insurance for uninsured or underinsured – If your company does not offer you insurance or you need coverage for your dependents.
Health Insurance for the Unemployed– If you’ve been recently laid off or in between jobs.
Maternity Health Insurance – If you’re planning a family.
Maternity Insurance if you’re already pregnant
Senior Health Insurance

Health Insurance CA: Private Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance
Individual and Family Health Insurance
Small Business Group Health Insurance
Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Insurance CA: Health Insurance Plans

Know the different health insurance plans and their key advantages and disadvantages.

HMO – Health Management Organization
PPO – Preferred Provider Organization
POS – Point of Sale Plan

Health Insurance CA: Quotes and Tips

Free Health Insurance quotes – To get free no obligation California Health Insurance quotes, use the services outlined in this section.

Guide to Getting Affordable Health Insurance – Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you understand the health insurance market. It provides you with health care insurance definitions and guidelines for choosing the right health care plan that meets your medical needs and budget.

A Consumer’s Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance in California – This outlines your rights and protection under federal and state law, as a California resident, if you buy, keep or switch health insurance in California.

Children’s Health Access and Medical Programs Online – Guide to various health programs for children and adults in low-income families in California.

Health Insurance CA: Government Agencies

California Department of Insurance – Provides answers to questions on Indemnity and PPO Plans: Individual health insurance, conversion coverage, CAL-COBRA coverage, Fully insured group health insurance, BCBS. Telephone: (800) 927-4357 (in-state only), (800) 482-4833 (TDD), (213) 897-8921 (L.A. area or out-of-state)

California Department of Managed Health Care – Answers questions on HMO plans: Individual health insurance, conversion coverage, CAL-COBRA coverage. Telephone: (888) 466-2219, (877) 688-9891 (TDD)

California Department of Fair Employment & Housing – Provides information on California Family Rights Act Leave and Fair Employment and Housing Act Leave. Telephone: (916) 227-0551 or (800) 884-1684.

California Medical Services Program (CMS) – CMS provides health care services to low income adults utilizing the Medi-Cal fee for service model.

Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP) – Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board. Telephone: (916) 324-4695, (800) 289-6574

California Healthy Families – A low cost insurance for children and teens in low-income families in California. It provides health, dental and vision coverage to children who do not have insurance and do not qualify for free Medi-Cal. Telephone: (800) 880-5305.

celine handbags California Medical – Medicaid Program – Telephone: (916) 636-1980.

canada goose Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) Program – This program provides low cost health insurance coverage to uninsured, low income pregnant women and their infants. Telephone: (800) 433-2611.

Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board of California – Telephone: (800) 433-2611 or (888) 387-6924 (TTY).

Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan – Kaiser Permanente offers a subsidized major medical policy to children 18 and under who do not qualify for state Medi-Cal or Healthy Families programs because of income. Telephone: (800) 255-5053.

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