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Welcome to the Affordable Texas Health Insurance Guide!


Here you will find valuable tips and resources to enable you to find affordable health insurance in Texas, even low cost and free health coverage, whatever your situation may be.

Affordable Texas Health Insurance for the Unemployed

If you have recently lost your job, make sure you check out the health insurance for the unemployed section of this site. This will enable you to understand the various health coverage options available to you.

Note that if you had health insurance from your previous employer, under a federal law called “COBRA” you have the right to stay in to continue coverage under your employer’s health insurance plan.

If your employer had at least 20 employees, COBRA guarantees 18 months, or sometimes goes up to 29 or 36 months unders special circumstances. If you worked for a small business, under Texas health insurance laws, you are entitled for a continuation up to 6 months.

With COBRA, you will be responsible for the premiums and you must act quickly and sign up for COBRA no later than 60 days after you lose your job. Your former employer is required to tell you about your COBRA rights.

To find out more about your COBRA rights, you can call the Texas Department of Insurance at 1-800-252-3439 (463-6515 in Austin) or visit www.tdi.state.tx.us.

Affordable Texas Health Insurance if You’re Working and Uninsured

If you’re employed but your employer does not offer health insurance, or you’re not yet entitled to one, click here to find different health insurance in Texas.

We’ve also outlined a number of Texas Health Insurance state programs for families and children (outlined below) that you can avail of provided you meet certain eligibility and income requirements.

Texas Health Insurance for the Self Employed or Small Businesses

Running your own business? Make sure you know the various Texas health insurance options available to you. Click here if you are self employed.

If you have fewer than 50 employees, click here for small business health insurance options.

Contact the Texas Department of Insurance to learn more about your rights and protection when getting small business health insurance in Texas. You can call them at 1-800-252-3439 (463-6515 in Austin), or visit their web site at Texas Department of Insurance.

Georgetown University has also outlined a summary of your protection as a small business employer or self employed individual.

To get small business health insurance quotes, you can either contact accredited health insurance companies directly, use a the services of health insurance brokers (available in the yellow pages), or go online to get free quotes.

Here’s a list of Texas health insurance companies that are licensed to sell small employer accident and health coverage.

Affordable Texas Maternity Health Insurance

If you are planning on having a family, here are your maternity health insurance options. Remember, it is best to get a maternity health insurance before you become pregnant.

While it is difficult to find companies who will insure you if you are already expecting, you definitely still have a number of options to help you get Texas maternity health insurance coverage you need during this period. Find out where to get maternity health insurance if you’re already pregnant.

If you find it difficult to get Texas maternity health insurance, you can get health coverage through the following programs provided you meet the eligibility and income requirements:

  • Texcare / Medicaid – If you are pregnant, Medicaid provides you coverage during your pregnancy and for up to 60 days after your baby is born. Often, your baby will then have guaranteed coverage for at least one year, which will be redetermined every six months. Medicaid is a health insurance program for certain individuals that is funded and administered through a State-Federal partnership.
  • Texcare / Texas Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – CHIP covers services such as hospital care, surgery, x-rays, physical/speech/occupational therapies, prescription drugs, emergency services, transplants, and regular health check-ups and immunizations.You can find out more about TexCare by calling 1-800-647-6558 or by visit TexCare Partnership for eligibility requirements and application.
  • Texas Department of Health’s Family Planning Program – provides a variety of medical, educational and counseling services, including comprehensive health assessment, laboratory tests, pregnancy testing and counseling, referrals for prenatal and other medical care, postpartum evaluation. To learn more, call 512-458-7444.
  • Texas WIC Program – WIC provides low-income women, infants, and children nutrition education and counseling, nutritious foods, and assistance with access to health care. Call 1-800-942-3678 to find out more.
  • Texas Maternal and Child Health Information and Referral Line – 1-800-422-2956 – This Information and Referral Hotline is a toll-free information and referral service for women and children in Texas for questions on prenatal care, health issues (including medically dependent children), and newborn screening. Callers will get information on health services that are near where they live.


Affordable Texas Health Insurance for those with
Pre-existing Condition

If you have a high-risk medical condition, learn more about health insurance for pre-existing condition.

Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool – The Health Insurance Risk Pool of Texas provides health insurance to residents who either:

  1. cannot obtain adequate health insurance coverage as a result of their medical conditions, or
  2. are considered “Federally Eligible Individuals,” as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly referred to as HIPAA.

To learn more, check out Texas State Health Insurance Risk Pool or call 1-888-398-3927.

Affordable Texas Health Insurance for Seniors

To learn about senior health insurance, click here. This guide gives you a thorough overview of the various health insurance options available to seniors including Medicare and Medicaid, with an extensive section on long term care.

You can find out about each of these programs by following the links at the site Texas Department of Insurance

Texas Health Insurance
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The Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe, Austin 78701 or
P.O. Box 149104, Austin 78714-9104
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Consumer Helpline 800-252-3439 (463-6515 in Austin)


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